Gospel Overview - The Whole Story

Think of the Bible as One Whole Story. In this video series we see an overview of the Gospel with the theme of Kingdom developing chronologically and moving through the passages from the Old Testament to the New. Read about The Whole Story of The Bible in 16 verses and see the wonderful  work of  God through the ages.
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An Overview of the Video Series

1. God Sets Up His Kingdom

2. Humans Rebel in God's Kingdom

3. The King Chooses Israel

4. The King Begins His Kingdom

5. The News of the King Spread

6. The King Brings His Kingdom

An Accompanying eBook

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What You Will Learn

You will be introduced to Biblical Theology and why that is important. Through the book and the videos series, watch theology develops as the story of the Bible unfolds across the pages moving from Creation to New Creation. Follow the whole story as it starts with God and creation in the beginning. See what went wrong and note what God has been doing throughout history to make things right again for you and I.
Gospel Overview - The Whole Story
  • Give an overarching narrative telling the mighty works of God's redemption through His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ.
  • The "big picture" shows us how truths in different passages relate to each other and make sense as a whole. 
  • Biblical Theology takes you through the different passages of the Bible in light of the whole book and show how each part relates to Jesus and to the whole story.

Meet the Speaker

Dr. Kyle Essary grew up in the United States, although he has also lived in Yemen, China, and for most of the past decade—Malaysia. He is married to Jamie, and God has blessed them with four children. He serves as a lecturer in biblical studies for four seminaries in SE Asia and was the church planting pastor of Covenant Baptist Church in Melaka. 

Dr Kyle Essary
Church Planter, Trainer, Lecturer at Seminaries in Asia