Competing Spectacles

This series highlights humanity's natural inclination to seek after striking and self-glorifying spectacles which constantly distracts us from the central and life-giving spectacle that matters; the Spectacle of Christ on the Cross (Col 2:15). Download the book "Competing Spectacles" by Reinke before 15th Dec and watch the short video series by Pastor Ian. 
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The book and the videos discuss how

  • Humanity tend to go after bright, shiny but counterfeit spectacles from the beginning of time.
  • Self-glorifying spectacles continue to distract us from fixing our eyes on the Greater Spectacle.
  • God turned the device of shame and death into a glorious and life-giving spectacle.
  • Believers who treasure Christ amidst persecution and suffering are becoming public spectacles like their Lord.
Competing Spectacles
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Meet the Speaker

Pastor Ian grew up in Indonesia, and married his Indonesian sweetheart, with whom he has four children.

He holds a degree in the Recording Sciences, a Licentiate in Theology, and is finishing up a Masters of Divinity at Malaysia Bible Seminary.

Pastor Ian Chris
Pastor and Church Planter