The Gospel and the Modern World

A Theological Vision for the Church

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D. A. Carson (PhD, Cambridge University) is Emeritus Professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He is a cofounder and theologian-at-large of the Gospel Coalition and has written and edited nearly two hundred books. He and his wife, Joy, have two children and live in the north suburbs of Chicago.
Biblical scholar D. A. Carson, renowned for his contributions to evangelical thought, has been instrumental in various capacities, including co-founding the Gospel Coalition, serving as editor of Themelios, and assuming the presidency of the Evangelical Theological Society in 2022. Reflecting on his accomplishments, colleagues have curated a collection titled "The Gospel and the Modern World," comprising 34 of Carson's essays from Themelios. 

Covering a wide array of topics such as the evangelical church's vision, the authority of Scripture, Christ and culture, Church leadership, and Christian discipleship - this anthology also includes contributions from editor Brian J. Tabb, Andrew David Naselli, and Collin Hansen. It serves as a tribute to Carson's illustrious career and aims to pass on his wealth of experience and Christian scholarship to a new generation of readers.

Additional Resources

1. Gospel-Centered City Ministry: The City to City DNA
City to City's hope is that church leaders across the world will evaluate these DNA principles, dialogue with others about how they might be contextualized for ministry in their cities, and work together to contribute to a greater gospel movement. Through robust discussions with Christians around the world, we can collectively have a stronger grasp on the biblical principles found within the DNA outlined here and pass it on to the church of tomorrow.

2. Gospel Theology - The Essentials of The Gospel In Its Entirety
An Online On-Demand Course by Greenhouse that will help you:

- Appreciate the Gospel and how it shows us God’s grace and holiness 

- Grasp the “Gospel,” an often overused and misunderstood word

- Survey its biblical foundation and significance for a believer's growth

- Tap into its salvific and transformative power with its past, present, and future effect

- Deal with issues at home, at work, and in our relationships by living in line with the Gospel

3. How to Build a Healthy Church by Mark Dever and Paul Alexander

In this practical guide, pastors Mark Dever and Paul Alexander have compiled a handbook for pastors and church leaders on how to build a healthy church grounded in the gospel. The authors offer a helpful framework for building this type of ministry: laying the groundwork (evangelism, new membership, church discipline), structuring the gathering (preaching, worship, ordinances), designating the elders (their importance, requirements, and installation), and encouraging devotion to prayer and God’s word. A companion resource to Nine Marks of a Healthy Church, this practical guide presents new and seasoned pastors alike with a vision of the church deliberately structured to display God’s glory.

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