Godly Sorrow Godly Joy

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What's the event about?

Godly Sorrow Godly Joy

This was an exclusive event with Pastor John Piper as  keynote speaker. Six other global and regional speakers presented short talks on managing sorrow and joy from a gospel perspective.

Pastor John also addressed seven questions about godly sorrow and joy from three local Malaysians, representing perspectives of woman in Asia, of those in ministry, and those in the market place. 

 You will Learn

  • How sorrow and joy can be experienced (simultaneously or sequentially)
  • Why the Gospel is central to experiencing sorrow and joy
  • How to have joy when caring for loved ones
  • How to recognize counterfeit sorrows or joys
  • How to witness through sorrows and joys
We pray the recording of the event will be an encouragement to you!

What the Conference Participants 
Say About the Program

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There's no glossing over the reality of sorrow. I used to think I need to "tahan" sorrow till it gets better but I learn that joy and sorrow can be simultaneous experiences. 
Cat Bakewell
I am encouraged! I am reminded not to be consumed by sorrow but to remain hopeful in the Lord and that joy doesn't come from my achievements at work but it is found in Christ.
Jess Shynn
I did not realize that I would walk away with a physical copy of the "Providence" Book by Pastor John Piper by joining this online event. Providence, it was indeed!
adeline Lim
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The Video series

Varied Expressions of Joy

We process and express our joys differently. During the conference, we ran an interactive poll to see what are some ways the audience expresses joyful moments. And here are some of the response. How would you express your joy? 

Godly Sorrow Godly Joy

This is a series of video recordings from a recent conference featuring Pastor John Piper. Enroll to access the full suite of videos or sign up for a free account to view selected content here.
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