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God Shines Forth

How the Nature of God Shapes and
Drives the Mission of the Church
God is Good!
And we are called to share the good news of salvation with those around us.

But evangelism sounds daunting - to some of us.
Especially to those of us who are introverts.

We know we have been charged to share the good news with others but often times, we are held back.

And we feel the pressure when we are not "obeying" the command to "evangelise".

Perhaps we need some tools.
Or perhaps this is best left to those who are more charismatic.
Those people-oriented influencers.

But "Our relationship with God influences the way we live. Scripture shows that we have the  responsibility to make God known in this world, but this cannot be done without us first knowing
and enjoying God, delighting in Him," say Reeves and Hames.  

And isn't that so true?

Even the most introverted of us can't help but share of the best kept secret in town with those we care about. 

We're always ready and happy to recommend
the most reliable employment agency, the best cardiologist, or the most popular food court in town.

Because we have experienced how good they are and we want our loved one to also benefit from the experience.
So we share the "good news" - in our own introverted way.

We don't need scripts.

Yet the spark of enthusiasm flows through unmistakably. 

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So gaze upon the LORD.
Know Him in all His Beauty and Splendour and let Him Shine Forth through your life!

"This book is an invitation to start again at the beginning with your vision of God. Our aim is to set before your eyes God as he truly is: God who is so full of life and goodness that he loves to be known; not as a campaign to impose himself on us or on the world but to give himself and share his own life with the world."
"The treasure and glory of heaven is God himself."
Used with permission. In partnership with Crossway Publication.
Here are some additional resources on making God known:
Evangelism - Why We Don't Do It And How We Can
Pastor Rowan speaks of caring for those around us enough to want to share the good news with them. He also discusses "relational capital", and the importance of building relationships with love and respect in his blog post on evangelism. 
The Church-Planting Incubator Training has a whole module on Evangelism Pathway and Relational Evangelism. We can't plant a church without reaching out to the unchurched and telling them of Christ and his work Module 6 of the Incubator discusses various evangelism pathways we can use to lead those we have relationships with closer to the Source of Life.
Hope Explored is a three-session series that looks at the life, death and resurrection of Jesus in Luke’s Gospel. This programme has one of the easiest ways to introduce someone to Christianity. There are also tips for facilitators on how to run the course. Be sure to check out the videos too.
Hope Explored
Christianity Explored All in One Course Starter Kits. To help support outreach in 2023, Christianity Explored Malaysia is doubling the resources offered in their course starter packs for free. Click the link above to find out more.
Christianity Explored
Two ways To Live. This is an effective and simple way to present God's message of hope to the people around us by showing what Jesus has done for us through his life and work and the choice set before us for how we want to live in response.
Two Ways to Live
The 3 Circles. This is another outreach tool we can use to help others relate to the borkenness around us and the beauty that God had intened things to be. Using a simple illustration we can explain what Jesus has done to restore this brokeness and how this can change lives as we respond to his love.
The Three Circles
Ready to reach out and evangelise?
Experience the Lord and share of His glory!
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