The Gentle and Lowly Lord

The Gentle and Lowly book gives a perspective of the Lord Jesus that we may not have given sufficient attention to. In this discussion, we hear three pastors share insights from reading the book and how these have impacted them personally and in their pastoring ministries. 
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What You Will Learn

”What comes to mind when we think of Jesus? What is He like?

In Matthew 11:29, Jesus called all who are weary and burdened to come to Him for rest. The discouraged and frustrated are called to take His yoke and learn from Him "for I am gentle and lowly in heart and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burdens is light."

This book deconstructs our default assumptions about Christ and helps us see with fresh perspective His heart towards fallen sinners.
This conversation on Gentle and Lowly, the Heart of Christ for Sinners and Sufferers discusses:

  • The humanity of Christ and what he is like
  • Some misconceptions and challenges for seeing Jesus as the kind and gracious Lord
  • Glimpses of the beauty and glory of Christ as we explore bible passages that show His longing heart to restore sinners
  • How seeing Jesus in this light changes the way we relate to Him and to others 
  • How this view has changed (and continues to impact) the caring ministry of three pastors in South East Asia.

Meet the Pastors

Rev. Dr. Rawee Bunupuradah (DMin)
Pastor, Trainer
Originally from New York City, Rawee serves as a missionary in Bangkok in the areas of discipleship, training, coaching, leadership development, spiritual formation, and church planting.
Rawee loves seeing people shaped by the Gospel and walking with Christ, experiencing His power and presence.
Rawee's doctoral research focused on pastoral care and spiritual transformation. I am married to Nui and have three sons. 
Pastor Simon Murphy
Pastor, Trainer
Simon and his wife Tarryn, together with their three children moved to Singapore from South Africa in 2008 to plant Redemption Hill Church, of which he is the Lead Pastor. Simon also leads Resound, a family of churches working to strengthen local churches across Asia Pacific. He serves as network leader for City to City Singapore, helping to plant gospel-centred churches and strengthen existing churches with gospel DNA. Simon loves seeing people enjoy God and walking into His plans for their lives.
Pastor Hua Tzei Tan
Pastor, Trainer
Tze is the Lead Pastor of One Covenant Church, a church he started in his living room together with his wife, Cindy and 2 young daughters.

Tze has an MDiv from the Presbyterian Theological College, Melbourne and a BEng from Imperial College, London.

He previously worked in IT Consulting and in the Singapore Civil Service.