The Dangers and Joys of Discipleship

Making disciples is a charge for all with its inherent challenges and joys. Deepak highlights 4 dangers to the discipler and 3 challenges to the one being discipled. Yet, discipling brings with it such joy!
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1. Defining Discipling and a Culture of Discipling

2. Dangers of Self- Importance & Self- Reliance

3. Dangers of a Program Mindset and a Sense of Failure

4. Dangers of Inappropriate Intimacy 

5. Dangers of Over Dependence and Trusting too Easily

6. Joys of Disicpling and Fast Growers

7. Joys of Slow Growers and Church Prospering

8. Joys of Being Fruitful for the Kingdom of God

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What You Will Learn

Discipleship is about enjoying a living relationship with Jesus and following in His footsteps. In this series of videos, Deepak shares the joys of discipling while giving sound advice on how to deal with subtle dangers of discipling both to the discipler and to the one being discipled.
The dangers of discipling to watch out for:
  • Subtle dangers to the discipler 
  • And dangers to the one being discipled 

But not forgetting the joys of pointing others to Christ and walking with them
  • Whether the disciple is slow in making progress
  • Or if he/she is catalised for great progress  
  • The impact of making disciples who make disciples who make disciples ...

What You Can Expect

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Meet the Speaker

Deepak Reju is a pastor, counselor, husband, father, and author. His passion is for studying God’s Word, loving his family and shepherding God’s people. His day job is as the pastor of biblical counseling and families at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC. His 24/7 privilege is to be Sarah’s husband (since 2001) and father to five adorable children.

Deepak is the author of several books, including The Pastor and Counseling, She’s Got the Wrong Guy, and Pornography. He’s also written a little booklet called Preparing for Fatherhood.
Deepak has the privilege of serving on the board of directors for the Biblical Counseling Coalition and as a trustee of the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation.

Deepak Reju
Pastor, Counselor, Author