Effective Communal Prayer

"Prayer is not just talking to God but is an appeal to God on the basis of His character to come through on His promise". It is "audible faith", faith that is expressed as we walk daily in step with the Spirit. This series of videos helps us look at the purpose and power of communal prayer when the body of Christ gathers and relate together to the Father, Son, and Spirit.
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You Will Come Away With an Understanding of how:

  • Biblical prayers are shaped by the gospel as we  respond to the Word
  • Mature communal prayers model prayers for the disciples (in scope and movement)
  • Sparse and sporadic prayers need not be the norm 
  • The life of the church can be permeated with prayers besides having regular prayer meetings
  • The church is shaped by communal prayers
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Meet the Speaker

Originally from Australia, Tim came to know Christ as a child, before maturing in his faith during his university years. Tim now lives in Malaysia and serves as a Pastor at St Georges Anglican Church, Georgetown, Penang.

Tim is married to Siew Mun and they have four children. Tim loves Malaysian food, the hot tropical weather, and is learning to speak BM and Mandarin! But most of all he loves Jesus, and is passionate about seeing people from all nations and all stages of life come to know Christ as their Lord and Saviour and joyfully live for his glory.

Tim Nicholls
Pastor and Trainer