Caring for One Another

Sciptures exhorts believers to bear each other's burden and to care for one another. The Lord is pleased to "use ordinary people, through seemingly ordinary acts of love, to be the prime contributors to the maturing of his people." See how you can be a part of the caring ministry with advice from Lois Kehlenbrink and Edward Welch.
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What You Will Learn

Caring for one another has not been left to a few leaders in the church. The many "one anothering" passages in Scriptures point to the importance and beauty of the faith community supporting each other through practical care. See how Lois Kehlenbrink discusses caring for others by applying the beauty of Jesus and His work (the gospel) which heals and inspires changes.

The videos on Caring for One Another discusses:
  • Postures in seeking and extending help
  • Importance of taking time to understand external and internal influences acting on a person
  • How to draw out benefits from unavoidable sufferings in this broken world
  • Ways to help bring about a desire to live in appreciation of the Lord's love
  • Facilitating the process of opening up again after being hurt

Meet the Speaker

Lois Kehlenbrink is a speaker, biblical counsellor, and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. For nearly 25 years, she worked within Tim Keller’s ministry network at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Redeemer Counseling Services, and Redeemer City to City. Today, she is with Paul Tripp Ministries equipping leaders around the world to start their own counselling programs  

Lois received her M.S. in Family Counseling at Iona College and studied Biblical Counseling at Westminster Theological Seminary. She lives in New York City and has two adult daughters, Rebekka and Sylvia.

Lois Kehlenbrink
Speaker and Counsellor