What is Biblical Theology?

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What is Biblical Thrology

What is biblical theology?
How is it different from systematic theology?

Systematic theology
is the study of the things of God which  usually organises in topics, e.g. God, Sin,  Salvation, Church, etc.

Systematic theology aims to address what we know about God, his plans, and his people.

The types of questions that systematic theology ask are like:

“Does God know everything?” 
“How does sin affect our ability to understand God?”
"Does God change his mind?"

Biblical theology
looks at how the books of the Bible develop theology across their pages. It asks questions such as:

"What is the message of Genesis?” 
“How does the message of the Old Testament relate to the message of the New Testament?”

Biblical theology usually moves along the storyline of the Bible as it moves from Creation to New Creation.

Biblical theology focuses on the message of the Bible and the theology that arises from it. Systematic theology focuses on what we know about God and how that knowledge of God can be systematised.

They both contribute to our understanding of our God and help us appreciate Him and His plans for His creation.

James Hamilton
The author of the book is a Professor of Biblical Theology at Southern Seminary and senior pastor at Kenwood Baptist Church.

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Tracing the key patterns, symbols, and themes that bind the Bible together into an overarching story.

Used with permission. In partnership with Crossway Publication.
Additional Resources on Biblical Theology
1. Kings and Covenant Conference (jointly organised by ThirdMill and GCN at PBC).

Covenant is a major theme and a big part in the Story of God. In the upcoming bi-lingual conference (English with Mandarin interpretation) entitled "Kings and Covenant," we will see biblical theology expounded through talks and breakout sessions using the theme of the Covenant. 

Sign up for this in-person conference here and get access to two free evening sessions, with additional talks and breakout sessions available for a fee.

Early bird
fee is available till 2nd April. Don't delay.

2. Gospel Overview - The Whole Story
Biblical theology allows us to see the overview of the Bible with themes developing through the passages from the Old Testament to the New.

In this video series produced by GCN, Dr Kyle Essary walks us through the whole story of the Bible using the theme of Kingdom.

Short quizzes at the end of each video highlight main points from the videos. You can also read The Whole Story of The Bible in 16 Verses (online flip book) and see the wonderful work of  God through the ages.
3. James Hamilton Interviewed on What Biblical Theology Is
Hear James talks about Biblical Theology under 12 minutes in an interview.
4. A Course on Biblical Theology by ThirdMill 
Deep dive into Biblical Theology in four 90-minute videos with manuscripts and lesson guides from ThirdMill.

Audio versions are also available if you prefer to listen to the lessons. 
Christianity Explored
5. Tom Schreiner from the Master's Seminary on
 What Biblical Theology Is
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