Nate Newell

The Infinite Value of Planting Churches Part 1/3

3 Reasons Planting Churches is of Infinite Value.
In 2008 I planted a church in a small, rural town that already had a few churches. Some good Christians in the community were opposed to our new church. A few revealed their insecurities and confronted me asking, ‘why do we need another church in town?’

It was an easy question to answer for both practical and biblical reasons. I am suggesting 3 Reasons Planting Churches is of Infinite Value.

Reason One: the Church is the beginning of the New Creation!
In Genesis 11 a description of the post-Flood world is given and verse 1 says, "Now the whole earth had one language and the same words." Consider what they were supposed to use that one language for: worshiping God.

Instead, they determined to use their common language for self worship! Verse 2-4 describe how they settled together, decided to make bricks, and then said, "Let us build ourselves a city and a tower...and let us make a name for ourselves..." The Flood had not washed away humanity's problem with pride and misplaced worship.
But God had a plan to rescue us from our sin [read the full article here...]

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