Gospel Bungkus

60-Minute Webinars

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Gospel Bungkus
Presents the rich truths of the Gospel in a nutritious and contextualized bungkus format.

Gospel Bungkus is a 60-minute webinar which you can enjoy from the comfort of your home with friends and family. Like the wonderful foods and flavours of Malaysia which we like to enjoy around the comfort of our own tables,

Gospel Bungkus will allow you to tapau and take-away these gospel tools and training modules, in order to chew on them and reflect on them at your leisure.

Many of our Gospel Bungkus series will be a tool or part of a training which can be further enhanced by GCN conferences, short courses or training modules.
These free online webinars are opened to everyone, whether you are a church planter or someone who wants to grow in your faith. So grab a serving of nasi lemak, a cup of teh tarik, or whatever local flavor you most enjoy.